Castle Hot Springs

Castle Hot Springs

Arizona Luxury Resort

Your Inclusive Experience Awaits

An Oasis Escape

At the end of this dirt that is dusty, you discover the lush and magical oasis of Castle Hot Springs. On a memorable journey and you’ll leave here feeling better than when you arrived whether you’re looking to unwind in our hot springs or go on an adventure in the Sonoran Desert, our inclusive experience takes you.

Usage of the house is reserved for authorized visitors only, please.

Incorporated into Your Stay

All meals and select activities are included in your stay along with exclusive access to the hot springs.

Feel the Natural Hot Springs

A true oasis in the midst of the Sonoran Desert, explore the 3 hot springtime swimming pools throughout your stay and have the anxiety burn away.

Explore our Luxurious Rooms

Our unparalleled rooms would be the perfect destination to sleep your face, made with luxury and leisure in your mind.

From our Farm to your dish

Our thoughtfully gardened farm grows a lot more than 150 kinds of unusual vegetables and fruit that produce their method on to your dish during mealtime. Continuă lectura „Castle Hot Springs”