Residence cards for EU citizens’ family members who will be non-EU citizens

Residence cards for EU citizens’ family members who will be non-EU citizens

The family members should apply for residence cards at the Swedish Migration Agency if your family are non-EU citizens and you intend to stay in Sweden for more than three months. The residence card enables your loved ones to reside and work with Sweden so long as you have right of residence by working, learning, being self-employed or residing on the retirement or other enough opportinity for supporting your household.

Family unit members

A member of family is

  • Your spouse (cohabiting partner, spouse or authorized partner)
  • Your or your spouse’s unmarried young ones under 21 years old
  • Your or your spouse’s kiddies over 21 years old for financial support if they are dependent on you
  • Your or your lover’s moms and dads who will be economically influenced by you (does not connect with the moms and dads of pupils)
  • Another member of the family that is reliant for you with their subsistence or perhaps is section of your or your partner’s household or you are needed myself to deal with the household user for severe health reasons.

Cohabiting partner refers to partners who aren’t dutch women dating sites married but reside together as though hitched. It is really not sufficient which you have actually resided together as an example throughout a tourist see.

In the event that you meet with the demands for right of residence your loved ones have actually the ability to begin studying or working right after visiting Sweden. They just do not have to wait to try to get or be issued their residence card.

If the household need visas

Your loved ones have actually the right to Swedish visas if they want them to help you to travel right here. They can then submit an application for residence cards after they have arrived in Sweden. Visa applications are submitted to an embassy that is swedish consulate general in the united states their current address. Close family relations of an EU resident don’t need to spend any charges whenever trying to get a visa to accompany the EU resident to a country that is eu. Continuă lectura „Residence cards for EU citizens’ family members who will be non-EU citizens”